about this webbe site

keet.lol is/will be a repository of a bunch of static web pages (webpages?) pertaining to the whims or inclinations of keet. be it a blogge, a one-page shrine to their dogge, an archive of their one-page zines, or whatever else they might cook up.

keet.lol is also a beleaguered response to the fucking internet as we know of today. those four/five websites. also partly nostalgia, missing the internet they grew up with, their olde domains, blogs, those old selves, etc.

this is not bringing all that back, however. this is moving forward. reemergence.

about keet

i feel this is best answered through questions.

do you say soda or pop?

i say soda pop, bop-she-bop-she-bop! the clock is ticking and i can't stop!

favourite breakfast foods?

something savoury. i'm for a breakfast wrap, silog, ochazuke, a grilled cheese sammy, or two fried eggs!

something you've kept since childhood?

my first letter to santa. or rather, my mom kept it, then i found it.

favourite fashion item(s)?

shorts! they're comfy and easy to wear. also, t-shirts with my own handprinted refs, rainbow crocs, dickey collars, red eyeshadow.

who is your favourite video game character?

the z block.

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