august 2022


i opened up an old hard-drive for the first time in a while. poked around and found my blog archives from 2002-2006 turned pdf via blogbook -- so happy to still have them. i threw out my journals from those years but thankfully i kept my blog and LJ pretty diligently from those times. i can clearly see how i was copying stronger personalities and mannerisms to keep a defensive front. i hold so much sympathy for my younger self. i cared A LOT about the length of my hair. i still do, but in a very different way. i now want it forever buzzed and faded.


mucking around in illustrator and somehow hearing the voice of my graphic design 205 prof in my head: "okay, the pathfinder tool is going to be your very best friend." he's not wrong. i wonder how he's doing. it's been more than a decade since i was in his class.


today is a grey day, slightly cool to the skin, slightly windy, which is just perfect for a walk. i actually woke up late today-- last night after sleeping at 11 pm i promptly woke up at 1 am-- usually i take this time to write in my journal, and lately i've been so up and about i hardly had anytime to scribble, so i did. i didn't get to sleep until 3 am though, even after i cycled through my sleeptime videos.


one thing that i've started doing to stop myself from spending too much time on social apps is to download magazines from the public library on my tablet. they have so many obscure (to me!) ones on there-- the added bonus is that the photos are larger and make great references.

the wind was so heavy and warm today! not even sundown cooled it.


please look at this picture of my dog ibarra:

ibarra the dog


lots of writing today. for some reason "old king cole" was stuck in my head all morning. brains are so weird. i also added an archive page for my journal, which is organized by month.


50mm lens arrived! well, it takes some getting used to. today i also talked to my brother about hobbies, or where we choose to sink our time slash money into. this morning i made a lot of notes on how i envision the flow of my work sessions going forward. for dessert today we had grass jelly, coconut cream and thick sugar syrup for dessert. we had that at our grandma's on big family lunches growing up. thinking of making nectarine cookie bars.

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