july 2022


i finally got a 50mm lens. i've been looking at it since university. for some reason (baggage around material things! yay!) i didn't buy it until now--it's not as expensive as other dslr lenses and yet i've always talked myself out of it. grilled today. we had liempo, corn, bell peppers, onions and fennel. so good!


so many wild carrots/queen anne's lace on the sidewalk abloom lately! i love them the most when they are still closed up, or when the umbels are still green and cup-shaped. i spotted bugs taking breaks in there a few times. it's cute. finally making tomato confit tonight, i really put that off for more than a month. there's just more interesting things to cook is why. my bro heard what the recipe was and in a flat voice said, "so, sangkutsa?" -- he's right, in a way. i'm so sleepy these days. reading up a lot on embroidery. and oh yeah, i read deep work by carl newport-- there's some great ideas in there, but i'm not about to account for every minute of my day. that just reminds me of eliza reed from jane eyre.


i listed down all the things i'm up to--daily routines, projects, socializing, hobbies. man, my life is actually full. i think i have a skewed image with what entails a full life that i probably could unpack some more. in other news, i finished a draft of a piece and treated myself to a dulce de leche cakelet. my brother treated me to a taro custard mug cake from the new bakery that just opened at our local mall. it had a bit of pork floss and seaweed in it and it was DELICIOUS. they have other flavours i want to try, like mango pomelo sago, and salted egg.


sewed a lot today! it's so calming (SEWTHING EHEHE) to put one stitch after another. also i walked the dog in the rain today, now his coat is so soft. also i figured out the ending to a story i'm writing. AND NOW FOR THE MIDDLE ¯\_(¬‿¬ )_/¯


i feel the peak summer heat creeping up slowly. summer nights are still the best, though. also i love mixing kaomojis (づ ◕益◕ )づ,。・:*:・゚’ ❤ ❤ ❤ today my broski cooked a delish hearty soup, i got a good nap in, and emailed an old friend, who wants me to visit her in europe. i'm still super paranoid about air travel, though. gonna read fifty more pages of the shallows by nicholas carr tonight.


today my sibling, my dog and i traversed the pipeline field near our house to get to the track oval. and lemme tell you, the moths and the butterflies looked great, but i'm pretty sure i saw a couple of ticks, jewelled and round, bright as blood. EEEEEEEEE good thing my dog is on tick repellent meds. BUT YEAH i'm not doing that again. i also reorganized my postage stamps-- i finally put the loose ones in their own pouch.


managed to remain off the internet for the entire morning while i did my project. i did some ~srs procrastination~: clearing my workspace, getting up every now and then to drink water, going up and down the stairs, checking if there's mail. halfway through i even brought out my typewriter and wrote a note to a friend, scanned it, set up the printer for emailing, etc. WEW! i realized i'd rather be procrastinating that way, though.


full moon madness! am pretty sure this moon is squaring and opposing a bunch of natal shit. bleh. i brought dog to the vet, was an anxious mess, too keyed up to cook dinner, but managed to send some work emails (???), assembled mail packets, wrote thank you notes, basically mostly emotional labourin'. so tired, but i hung out in my paper notebook with my dog for a bit. actually, in times of stress, i noticed i can't help but crack jokes, even just to myself.


i love how my dog barges into my space as if he has urgent business he needs to attend to. his determined stride is funny and warms my heart. what a weirdo.


went to the dollar store for the first time in months. still has the same smell (i mean, why would it change?). i also changed my phone's display to inverted colours AND grayscale. i wonder if it'll repel me from using it too much. that would be ideal.


i made three new card designs today eye am on a roll! on the other hand, the words trickle out slowly and sludge-like. but then again, i managed to crank out a reply to a friend who wrote me last spring. snail mail amirite honk honk


hello world! this journal is an html journal! today, we went to a family friends' for dinner. pasgetti and two types of wings!

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